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Event Date: September 4, 2019


OPHTHALMOLOGY Terah Webb, DVM, DACVO, is a board-certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist at MedVet Columbus as well as the Pharmacy Committee Chair for all MedVet locations. Topics: 1. Dry eye: It's not about the Schirmer Tear Test Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye) is the one of the most common ocular diseases. Learn how to diagnose this disease beyond the STT and ways that veterinary ophthalmology has advanced treatment and “best practice” monitoring of dry eye. 2. When the pressure is on: Glaucoma With glaucoma, time is of the essence. In this lecture, treatment algorithms will be shared for helping to determine the cause of glaucoma, initial treatment, monitoring and timing for referral. Medical treatment and advances in surgical techniques for glaucoma will be reviewed. 3. The Young and the Restless: Ocular exam techniques and diseases of juvenile and geriatric patients The most difficult patients to diagnose and treat are discussed here. Learn what to look for in litters of puppies when presented for “wellness” as well as what monitoring you can and should offer owners of dogs and cats in the geriatric years. 4. So Much to Read, so Little Time: What's New in Veterinary Ophthalmology? None of us have time to keep up with all the newest data and articles in every specialty. This lecture will review clinically relevant recently published research and peer-reviewed articles that will impact your practice of ophthalmology. 5. Adnexal Disease This lecture will cover a step-by-step approach to ocular exam of the nasolacrimal system and eyelids. Structure and function of the adnexa will be reviewed as well as common diseases and diagnostic tools. Medical and surgical treatment options will be covered in detail including intraoperative surgical videos and "pearls" for successful adnexal surgery. 6. Enucleation: when it don’t come easy Unfortunately enucleation is sometimes the most appropriate treatment for some ophthalmic disease.This lecture will help you determine when it is the only option and review techniques to make it an easier, successful, pain-free surgery to provide your patients. Potential complications and how to avoid them will be reviewed. This lecture will include surgical videos to help illustrate key points. 7. What’s in your medicine cabinet? With more drugs on backorder every day, what should you fight to keep on your shelf, what are the indications for prescribing these medications, and what can you legally do with compounded drugs. This lecture will include a review of compounding safety and new government regulations around compounding pharmacies. MEETING STARTS AT 8:30 AND ENDS AT 4:00. (7 hours of CE credit) Make your plans now to attend this meeting. If you plan to attend and have not already sent an RSVP, please go to our web site and submit your RSVP.

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