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Adverse Events Associated with ProMeris(r) April 25, 2008

Recent activity across message boards online and emails are reporting severe adverse events associated with the product ProMeris (r). Although multiple emails and message threads with differing breeds and names have been seen, at present it seems that all of these messages derive from a single adverse event reported to Ft. Dodge. The case involves six Siberian Huskies and one mixed breed dog living in the same household. The symptoms exhibited by the dogs in this case are similar to those observed in dogs following deliberate oral exposure. ProMeris (r) contains amitraz and metaflumizone as active ingredients. Clinical signs described in this case are similar to those seen with oral ingestion of amitraz. Research is on-going as to the validity of the claims on the message boards. Ft. Dodge is working directly with the veterinarian who originally reported the case. As seen in the past, a few individual pets may be sensitive to any topical product. If your pet appears to experience any adverse event with topical products or any medication, seek the advice of your family veterinarian. It is important to follow label instructions and your veterinarian's advice precisely. although these products are generally considered to be safe, improper application can lead to serious adverse events. All veterinary topical products are tested rigorously and adverse events are rare. Unfortunately, some pets are more sensitive and may experience these atypical reactions.

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