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AVMA Issues Phone Scam Alert July 15, 2008

The AVMA has issued an alert to all veterinarians to be aware of a possible phone scam that is being reported by veterinarians and veterinary facilities. Callers have requested the names of all veterinarians employed by a clinic or hospital, the name of the facility and the hours of operation. Those contacted have reported that the callers are rude and may or may not identify themselves as the "National Veterinary Board" and that they are updating their records.
There is a way for a scammer with a cell phone to deceive the called party into thinking that the call that is being made, is coming from another telephone number. Usually, you can call *69 to return a call. However, in this case the call goes to a dummy number and not to the originating scammer's cell phone, so the source cannot be identified. In this alert, the dummy source, which is in a city in Nevada, when called by veterinary hospitals to ask if they were actually requesting this information, of course, were not.
The AVMA recommendation is to NOT give out any information and to call the local police department in case these scam callers are planning break-ins or any other illegal activities.
The source for this article is the AVMA.

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