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World's First Dedicated Veterinary Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Center October 28, 2008

PharmaCom BioVet, Inc. is pleased to announce they are actively formalizing an academic/industry collaboration with the Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University to form the world's first dedicated veterinary canine bone marrow transplant center. The collaboration offers a unique opportunity to establish and maintain a state of the art canine cancer treatment facility for bone marrow transplants, specifically treating lymphoma, which comprises approximately 24% of all canine cancers.
The expertise and experience of Washington State University's Clinical Oncology Program, the facilities at WSU and the support of associattive research institutions uniquely positions PHarmaCom BioVet to serve a significant population of canine lymphoma patients that may benefit from this level of treatment which is already standard of care in humans.
PharmaCom BioVet seeks to further the opportunities available to people who have encountered cancer in their companion animals and to offer their animals a better qualtiy of life and longevity. In response to demand and the current lack of adequate cancer treatment options and facilities for animal lovers whose pets are suffering from cancer, PharnaCom BioVet intends to open a network of companion animal concer centers throughout North America.

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