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Online Study Impacts of Epilepsy in Companion Animal Patients February 20, 2012

With epilepsy affecting more than 5% of the canine population, the impacts of owning a pet with epilepsy can be significant. As a part of our ongoing research related to epilepsy in companion animals, we hope to gather information from an online study Impacts of Epilepsy in Companion Animal Patients, designed to explore impacts such as costs, benefits, relationships with other companions in the household and more to better support owners and their pets.

This research will also support our efforts to obtain future funding for additional clinical research by increasing our knowledge related to many factors centered on living with a pet with epilepsy and long-term support opportunities for the veterinary profession.

The survey author, Julie Nettifee Osborne, RVT, BS, VTS (Neurology organizing committee) under the direction of Dr. Karen Munana, will also provide valuable ideas for future companion animal outreach, education and research.

Please email and participants will be forwarded a link for this study. Also, access can be gained by goiong to the following site:

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