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Letter from the President

Times Are A-Changing January 14, 2008

When I first began the practice of veterinary medicine, I had not envisioned the changes that have come about in the last decade, do you know what I mean?? Today the practitioner has more information to read, manage and record and less time with which to do it in than ever before. Since time on the golf course cannot be compromised, there has to be a way to access vital information to keep up with the latest technology, diseases, diagnostics and procedures in short order. I am proud to say that NCASAM, under the direction of the Executive Board has certainly found a way. Our newly updated website is state of the art. We have features to help communicate and spread vital information to the practitioner while at work through the new which will forward new product information from our sponsors and practice tips collected from nationally known veterinarians directly to the subscriber. If you are nervous about spamming, just set yourself up a new gmail account through GOOGLE and have all of the updates sent to that address at your hospital. Our Secretary and staff will be happy to assist you in doing this at any of the one day meetings in Sanford.
Members' money goes a long way in the Academy with many new benefits this year. A free members only weekend meeting in Wilmington, eight free one day meetings in Sanford, 50% discount on registration for the NCASAM Great Smokies Veterinary Conference in Asheville covers the State with Continuing Education of the highest excellence. No need to pile the paperwork up on the desk, as all of the one day speaker notes are archived for you online. The NCASAM Educator is online as well for the first time for when you have more time to catch up on the details. The veterinary community can list their job openings and requests online for free that only our members can read. As a reference, members can access the complete list of practice tips published on our site.
If you are stumped with a case, we offer the Members Only Online Discussion. Here you can get online with your password and ask any member a question that all members can benefit from hearing and discussing.
Our mandate in 1970 was to advance the skill and knowledge of the small animal medicine and surgery, by providing the best in post-graduate education, to promote friendships between veterinarians with similar interests and to maintain the highest standards of veterinary medicine and services.
I am proud to say that this organization is doing just that.
See you online,
Doc Needham

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