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Letter from the President

Godin's First Law of Mass Media August 28, 2008

Seth Godin identifies the First Law of Mass Media as, "Organizations will work tirelessly to
de-personalize each communication medium they encounter".
I would like to state as the current President of NCASAM, that our organization does exactly the opposite. In each of the communication mediums that we operate, our staff works tirelessly to personalize each communication. This means that each web page has an address of our contact person, each email is personally answered by a designated staff person, each telephone call is returned, web page navigation walk-throughs are provided individually over the telephone. We do not robocall, spam, jingle or lie our way into your life. While organizations work to corporatize and anonymize their interactions, we keep it personal. My name is Tom Needham, and I approved this message.
P.S. Thank-you Seth Godin

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