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Letter from the President

Think...Outside the Box January 6, 2010

I was in high school when North Carolina veterinarians got together and decided to organize a continuing education academy to keep up to date with the latest information in veterinary medicine.
They decided to bring the experts into the state to lecture in order to receive the best CE without having to travel and leave their practices for long. There was no vet school in Raleigh at the time. There were no specialty practices in North Carolina to refer cases. It has been 40 years since our Academy first organized. Speakers from the past such as, Dr. Milton Wyman, Dr. Steve Arnosky, and Dr. Richard Halliwell have retired from practice. Mr. Joe Grimes was our first business manager. He worked behind the scenes sticking to our non-profit mission statement, serving our profession with integrity and taking nothing for himself. Our current business manager, Melissa Autry, continues to work for us in this same way. We are fortunate to have practitioners today that continue to serve on the Executive Board as volunteers.
Tell your colleagues about us, especially the young bloods. We are here for them because
those that came before us thought outside the box.

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